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December 2012


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Local Man Found Dead
POSTED 10:30 AM, FEBRUARY 3, 2017,
Marcus Andrews, late of Wilton Manors, Fl., was found unconscious in his home on Sunday morning. Officers were called to the scene by paramedics, and Andrews, who suffered serious head injuries, was declared dead upon arrival at Holy Cross Hospital.

Andrews, aged 53, suffered a gunshot wound at close range.

Andrews lived in the family home with his wife, Amy, aged 26, and two children from a prior marriage, aged 7 and 9. He had recently come under scrutiny when his wife's stepmother and father went on a local talk show to discuss the questionable business practices of their son-in-law, who they recently accused of defrauding their daughter, his current wife. Andrews, who owned a lucrative stocks and bonds business, refused to attend the show or acknowledge his in-laws' concerns. His lawyers indicated the lawsuit, which was brought to family court last year, was without merit.

His in-laws were unavailable for comment at the time of printing.

Andrews' neighbors in the highly private and gated neighborhood he resided in spoke to press, though they were not willing to be named in this article. Their accounts of Andrews cast the local business owner in a less than positive light. They indicated that there were loud arguments in the three-story home he shared with his family. Additionally, CPS was called the residence on multiple occasions, though no action was taken on those visits.

Most concerning were reports that Andrews was seen hauling crates in and out of his home during the months prior to his death. The crates were rectangular in shape and required Andrews use a dolly. The crates were moved late in the evening, and several of them were removed days later.

The death is being treated as a homicide. There are currently no suspects.

Update: Amy Andrews, the wife of the late Marcus Andrews, has provided police with documentation regarding the crates Andrews was seen transporting in the weeks prior to his homicide.

Invoices state that the crates were delivered to Andrews from Tethys Corporation's main headquarters. When contacted, Tethys representatives stated that they were happy to assist police in any way possible, while stating they had no knowledge of the crime being investigated. They confirmed Andrews as one of their clients, but refrained from specifying what product from their vast catalog Andrews had purchased.

Andrews' wife was not as reluctant to provide information. She willingly came forward and explained that Andrews was emptying out their savings to purchase Tethys' emerging AI. The AI, which stands for Artificial Intelligence, is not in Tethys' catalog, and the company issued a statement indicating they had no such product on the market. However, large payments were made from Andrews to Tethys in the month before his death.

The investigation is ongoing.

Update: In an unexpected development, police received an anonymous tip regarding Marcus Andrews. The tipster remains unidentified, though sources report it was a child's voice that called into the local precinct and indicated the family home's backyard should be looked at.

Upon further inspection, the body of a 26-year-old woman in an advanced state of decomposition was found beneath a newly tilled flowerbed. In an odd twist to this already strange tale, dental records provided by the parents of Amy Andrews prove the body is that of their daughter. However, Amy Andrews is known to be alive and well and living with her stepchildren in another of the Andrews' homes out of state. She has been asked to return to Wilton Manors to discuss matters with local authorities.

Update: As instructed, Amy Andrews turned herself into local authorities on March 14, 2017. However, she was reported deceased three days later, with the coroner's report listing a coronary incident as the cause of death. Police have confirmed that this Amy was, in fact, an impostor. In a press conference, it was established that she was the likely culprit in Marcus Andrews' death, and that she likely killed the real Amy Andrews. The impostor has not been identified at this time and remains a Jane Doe.

Amy's father, however, is not content with this decision. He believes the killer of his daughter and son-in-law is still at large, and he has established a large reward for anyone with information that can lead to the arrest of the true culprit. Additionally, he is working with a private investigator to ascertain the truth behind events relating to the impostor's death. Notably, he seeks proof of an actual death occurring, as he claim there is no evidence to prove the impostor died in police custody.

If you have information regarding this crime, please call.

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